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The snake robot research was formally presented at the conference on Neurotechnology for Biomimetic Robots, May 14-16, 2000. Details of the snake robots on this website are described in detail in a chapter of the book arising from that conference, which includes a picture of S5 on the cover.


An excellent list of the world's other snake robots is kept by Rainer Worst at GMD.


The robots were first presented in an exhibit at the Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto from 6 October 1999 to 23 January 2000.

S2, S3 and S5 were subsequently on display for three months in the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, including live demonstrations. 2000.

S2 was on display for a year at the Cite Des Sciences in Paris. 2000.

This site is featured in the Yahoo robotics list. It was also featured in a nicely illustrated article in New Scientist as well as in a discussion list on

The snake robots have appeared on Canadian Discovery Channel News as well as in a BBC documentary called "Robocritters". They have also been featured in numerous arcticles in newspapers and magazines in the U.S.A. and Europe.

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